Breakfast Burritos
Fresh Fruit

- Ru By 4/14/2024
"LET ME COUNT THE WAYS!!! I was looking for a tea place near me and discovered this treasure of a location. I do not have enough words to tell you how much of an absolute VIBE this place is but I'll try. From the glittering ceiling lights to the mixed and matched comfy tables and chairs, the art lining the walls, and the plethora of knickknacks, everything about this place is cozy, inviting, and comfortably unique. It feels like a fae stepped into our world, and set up the best little coffee and tea shop. The food is outstanding and made with love, And their tea is so dang good. I ordered some tea to go and the hibiscus was just what I needed today. They even bagged up some of the loose leaf in individual satchels for me!! Such kind service!! They have an incredibly diverse food menu too so you KNOW I'll be back later to try more tasty sandwiches! 10/10, would recommend for a cozy morning or afternoon hangout or some quiet time to yourself with up beat fun music."